Judaica Land

Judaica Land
Judaica Land is a unique and beautiful set of Jewelry crafted in Israel with exquisite quality in gold and precious gems. Each piece a masterpiece without the price tag on our store.

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Made in Israel – Shop Israel

Made in Israel - Shop Israel
Featured Judaica products brought to you by genuine Israeli artists.

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Menorah Store

Menorah Store

Hanukkah Menorah sale. Buy a 9-branch candelabra used to observe the Hanukkah tradition of candle lighting for 8 nights of Hanukkah.

Shop a full selection of hundreds of Hanukkah candle and oil designs and motif's that will make your Hanukkah celebration a memorable and meaningful one. Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the small Jewish army led by Mattathias and his son Judah the Maccabee over the tyrant Antiochus and his Greek army more than 2000 years ago. Upon reaching the Holy Temple which had been defiled by the Greeks, the Jews found just one small flask of olive oil in which to rekindle the sacred 7-branch menorah of the Holy Temple.

Oil Menorah for Sale with Jug of Oil Set

Selection of specially designed oil menoras used with oil & wicks. Oil lighting is the most authentic choice to commemorate Hanukkah and the Temple that was lit with oil. The flask of oil found not defiled by the Greeks was lit as the original 6 branch oil lighting of the Temple in Jerusalem. Commemorate the miracle with a beautiful oil lighting candelabrum. Saw a different oil one elsewhere and want to get a better price? contact us with the link above. These are sold are usually eight stemmed candelabra's specially made to commemorate the miracle of Hanukkah. Standard oil wicks are used for any lighting candelabrum and can also be used as candelabras.

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Men’s Hats & Black Hats

Men's Hats & Black Hats
Black Hats, Brimmed Hats and Yeshivish Hats from Italy. Italian Borsalino & Fedora Worn in the traditional style. We carry all Black hats worn by Orthodox Jews. Black Hats by Borsalino and Felt Hats by all major brands at our price guarantee.

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Men’s Store

Men's Store

Jewish Men Gift Store

Jewish Men’s Gift Store. Jewish Gift ideas for him. Jewish Men’s Gift Store. Jewish Gift ideas for him. Mens unique gift ideas, Jewish mens birthday gifts, mens gift sets. Buy a gift for Dad, a boyfriend, or Husband. Cool Gifts for Fathers Day, Anniversary, or plain old Jewish Mens Gift Idea for being him. Every gift you’ll find is available with a gift card & wrapping at checkout. So order your cool gift today !

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Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah Jewelry
Kabbalah Jewelry is mystical jewelry, Kabbalah Bracelet, Kabbalah Jewelry Tree of Life and special Kabbalah Jewelry Symbols. Buy a special Kabbalah Jewelry Bracelet, Charm Necklace, Charm Bracelet and Kabbalah Jewelry Tree of Life necklace. Featuring the Red String Kabbalah Bracelet, The Evil Eye,and Hebrew charms, purchase that Deep Mystical Kabbalah Gift that protects and enhances your inner self.

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Keychains, Key Holders, Keyring

Keychains, Key Holders, Keyring

Keychain gift, keyring gift, Bible Keychain and Key holder Gifts. Jewish keychain gifts & Israel keyring gift collection. Bible keychain with Jerusalem designs and Jewish symbols key rings for men and women. Wonderful unique gift to carry and use with an endearment to Israel, Jerusalem, and the jewish people. Ideal way to carry a Jewish prayers, travellers prayer and special blessing with you at all times. Keychain gifts are ideal party favors, so we’ve provided volume discounts on all keychain gift styles to give away as party favors.

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Kabbalah Art

Kabbalah Art
Kabbalah Art. Browse our collection of specially made mystical Kabbalah Art.Read More

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Kosher Kitchen

Kosher Kitchen

Kosher Kitchen

Kosher Kitchen Gifts. Kosher Jewish kitchen products on sale. A Jewish Kitchen should be a Kosher Kitchen. Fabulous kitchen gift ideas include Towels, Fridge Magnets, Kosher Kitchen Nosh Bowls and Plates, Trivets, Platters, Apron sets, Cookbooks, Tablecloths, Teaboxes and Kitchen Decor. Isn’t it time you transformed your kitchen to a Kosher kitchen !

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Jewish School & Camp Educational Supplies

Jewish School & Camp Educational Supplies

Shop today for all your Jewish classroom supplies and Jewish educational games!

At Ahuva we are dedicated to making Yiddishkeit fun and engaging for Jewish students and campers worldwide. Our products were developed by parents and teachers and are being used by educators all over the world in Hebrew School, Jewish schools, camps, programs, and Jewish centers. 

For teaching Hebrew letters, check out our Aleph bet memory games, flashcards, magnets, lotto, and more! 

For Jewish environment, choose from a wide variety of art projects kids can complete and hang up. We recommend sand art, sun-catchers (stained glass painting), window gels and so much more! For older students, check out or bead art or stitch art! Available for all the holidays and Israel-themed. 

There are also a variety of holiday decorations on sale now! 

For mitzvot and traditions, see our collection of DIY mezuzahs, tzedaka boxes, shabbat-themed art projects and more!

For student downtime or summer camps, consider our selection of Jewish educational games to be played in a group or as individuals. We carry coloring and activity books, party games such as apples to apples, trivia and much much more. 

Use stickers as rewards and choose above for different and fun prizes you can use in activities! 

We also offer Jewish supplies for schools and organizations such as colorful washing cups, mezuzahs, prayer books, holiday decorations and supplies. 

Order in bulk for your Jewish school, Hebrew class, Camp or Jewish center and recieve amazing quantity discounts! High-quality learning materials for unbeatable prices. 

Children represent the Jewish future, and we hope that using these products will help more youngsters to be aware of their traditions and heritage. We know and appreciate the hard work Hebrew educators do. Get your Jewish Educational games and supplies now, and may you see the fruits of your efforts!

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